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NIXE is the first Australian skincare collection designed and formulated using organically grown broad spectrum hemp extract.

An elevated natural experience, NIXE takes a holistic approach to beauty that transcends traditional skincare by using cannabinoid-rich hemp-extract; creating a complete experience that works to nurture the skin, body and mind.

Our innovative formulas built from high-grade organic ingredients deliver results every time, leaving you and your skin restored.

The NIXE Collection

Facial Cleanser

Facial Serum

Facial Moisturiser

The Ritual Set

The benefits of broad spectrum hemp extract

Not to be confused with products made from hemp seed oil, NIXE products contain broad spectrum hemp (Cannabis Sativa) extract.

A more potent antioxidant than vitamin C & E, full-spectrum hemp extract is true hero ingredient rich in cannabinoids.

CBD skincare Australia

Australian Made & Owned

CBD skincare Australia

Fragrance Free

CBD skincare Australia


CBD skincare Australia

Vegan Friendly

vegan skincare

Cruelty Free & PETA Approved

NIXE and sustainability

At NIXE, we honour sustainability at every point of our product lifecycle. We are committed to carbon offsets, sourcing organic and local raw materials, our hemp (Cannabis Sativa) crop is sourced from New South Wales hinterland using organic principles of no pesticides or manmade fertiliser, we use recyclable glass packaging, recycled wrapping paper and biodegradable mailers. We extend this to our customers by encouraging them to become part of our recycle-rewards program because we’re all in this together, it’s as simple as that.

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CBD skincare Australia


CBD skincare Australia


CBD skincare Australia


CBD skincare Australia


CBD skincare Australia

“I thought my skin was just super touchy, no matter what I’d do. I’d cleanse it and it would get dry, I’d moisturise and end up greasy with pimples – I’m like the definition of combination. NIXE reset how my skin acts, it feels and looks effortlessly stronger.”

— Jerome

What people are saying...

  • I love NIXE! Great quality products by great quality people. Would recommend to anybody with harsh skin problems
    Length of time using NIXE: 6 months
  • My skin was suffering due to the change in climate after my move but the nice range helped massively! It's even better than it was pre move !
    Length of time using NIXE: 2 months
  • My skin has never been better after using NIXE. I won’t touch any other brand now.
    Length of time using NIXE: 1 year
  • Over covid lock down I had extremely temperamental skin. I wasn’t sure if it was hormonal, stress, the masks, or all of the above. I started using Nixe and I saw results within days. I wasn’t inflamed, the redness had gone down and I was much more confident. I absolutely love the product.
    Length of time using NIXE: 9 months
  • I love that it is all natural and feels incredible on my skin. I love that it is so simple - I’m not one for heaps of creams so this 3 step set nails it for me. Morning and night I use the products and it’s amazing. I have suffered from acne most of my life and this has been the clearest skin I have had in years! Thank you Nixe!
    Length of time using NIXE: 2 months
  • Nixe Care helped my skin get rid of bumps and pimples and also exceeded my expectations about what it could do.
    Length of time using NIXE: 7 months