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NIXE is a skincare company that was designed with you at its core. Our formulas are made by real people in the industry that have come together over a love for beautifying your skin and to us that means more than just what you put on it. We believe beauty comes from within and that if you can’t look yourself in the mirror and see beauty staring back, it’s a reflection on us. 

“I’ve always had a 5 or 6 step routine and thought the more products you applied the better skin you’d have. Using NIXE has completely changed what I thought I knew about skincare, I’m stoked everytime I look in the mirror.”

— Batu B

Hemp skincare Australia

This ethos flows strongly through every decision we make. From where we source our all-organic all-natural ingredients, production at our in-house lab and the design of the NIXE Ritual – everything has been considered to create mindful, sustainable and effective skincare with you at its soul. 

When you trust us with your skin, the results speak for themselves. 

Hemp skincare Australia
  • Nixe Care helped my skin get rid of bumps and pimples and also exceeded my expectations about what it could do.
    Length of time using NIXE: 7 months
  • My skin has never been better after using NIXE. I won’t touch any other brand now.
    Length of time using NIXE: 1 year
  • Over covid lock down I had extremely temperamental skin. I wasn’t sure if it was hormonal, stress, the masks, or all of the above. I started using Nixe and I saw results within days. I wasn’t inflamed, the redness had gone down and I was much more confident. I absolutely love the product.
    Length of time using NIXE: 9 months
  • I love the products as they go a long way. They are light on your skin and I’ve not had any breakouts since using them!
    Length of time using NIXE: 4 weeks
  • I love NIXE! Great quality products by great quality people. Would recommend to anybody with harsh skin problems
    Length of time using NIXE: 6 months
  • I love that it is all natural and feels incredible on my skin. I love that it is so simple - I’m not one for heaps of creams so this 3 step set nails it for me. Morning and night I use the products and it’s amazing. I have suffered from acne most of my life and this has been the clearest skin I have had in years! Thank you Nixe!
    Length of time using NIXE: 2 months