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  • I love NIXE! Great quality products by great quality people. Would recommend to anybody with harsh skin problems

    Length of time using NIXE: 6 months
  • A cruelty free, organic skin product is always going to be a point of excitement for me and as someone who suffers from acne, these products have been gentle on the skin without aggravating anymore breakouts.

    Length of time using NIXE: 2.5 weeks
  • Over covid lock down I had extremely temperamental skin. I wasn’t sure if it was hormonal, stress, the masks, or all of the above. I started using Nixe and I saw results within days. I wasn’t inflamed, the redness had gone down and I was much more confident. I absolutely love the product.

    Length of time using NIXE: 9 months
  • My skin has never been better after using NIXE. I won’t touch any other brand now.

    Length of time using NIXE: 1 year
  • Nixe Care helped my skin get rid of bumps and pimples and also exceeded my expectations about what it could do.

    Length of time using NIXE: 7 months
  • I love that it is all natural and feels incredible on my skin. I love that it is so simple – I’m not one for heaps of creams so this 3 step set nails it for me. Morning and night I use the products and it’s amazing. I have suffered from acne most of my life and this has been the clearest skin I have had in years! Thank you Nixe!

    Length of time using NIXE: 2 months